The Pioneers of Superpowers influence before WW1 were, without any doubt, the British, long before they themselves have seized this land in 1917.
The envoys of the Empire where "The Sun never sets", a term Winston Churchil himself have coined, have laid the religious, Politicial and Economic foundation for other nations to follow.
Once their's, the British were responsible for making this land modern and prosperous, for the benefit of those living in it, whereas until their arrival This land was the neglected backyard of the Ottoman Empire.
Come and explore with Gil how we still enjoy the Biggest Empire's in history presence until today!

Sites: Scottish Church, Yemin Moshe Neighborhood, King David's Street, Christ Church and the Jaffa Gate, St. Paul's Church & St. George's Church, The Garden Tomb and much more!
British High Commissioner's to palestine Palace
A famous Zionist
1917 - British troops taking Jerusalem
The King David hotel on July 22nd, 1946
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