The Imperial visits Jerusalem has witnessed during the late 19th Century have changed the skyline of Jerusalem as well as its Geo-Politics. Austro-Hungary and Germany have tried to intervene in this area through an alliance with the Ottoman Empire, and by doing so have planted hopes for independance at the hearts of both Jews & Arabs.
During one of the most fascinating tours one could ever take in Jerusalem, we would learn what were the real and Global reasons for these visits, and be exposed to a different Austria & Germany than what we have learnt, as well as a different Narrative than what we know over the real reasons for WW1.
Eating a typical Central European food in a place least-expected to do so, the Old City, would definitely enhance the experience!
Kaiser Wilhelm the 2nd and Kaiserin Augusta Victoria
Kaiser & Kaiserin inaugurating a Church in Jerusalem in 1898
The Jaffa Gate before Kaiser Wilhelm's visit in 1898
The German Colony in Jerusalem in a late 19th century painting
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